Autism Alliance of Michigan works to strengthen Michigan’s
sense of community and to assure the welcome of individuals with autism.

Here are just some members of the Alliance Community:

  • Individuals with autism and their Families across the state of Michigan who participate in fun autism family-­friendly events, educational events, and our online community
  • Over 1,300 Providers across the state who treat people with autism
  • Over 16,361 Police, Fire, and EMS personnel who have attended our First Responder Safety Trainings
  • Community Agencies and Entertainment Venues through our Autism Awareness Trainings and events­ including the Detroit Zoo, The Henry Ford, Michigan Science Museum, Detroit Metro Airport, Community Mental Health, YMCA, among others
  • Advocacy Community of partner agencies like Autism Speaks working toward similar goals but focusing our efforts on families right here in Michigan
  • Corporate and Employment Communities­ Supporting those who are hiring and training individuals with autism in the workforce
  • School Communities of Educators and school staff who attend our trainings and care for students with autism each and every day
  • Over 60,000 children and teachers in Michigan who have listened to AAoM’s Anti­-Bullying Awareness Program
  • Providers of Autism Collective Training (PACT) ­ a close­knit group of autism providers that meets regularly to share information and work to overcome barriers to providing the best possible care
  • Work groups within and beyond Michigan working to tackle current and future issues related to technology, safety, and quality of care for individuals with autism
  • State representatives and State Department partners that work together with the Alliance in efforts toward increasing services and making legislative change where necessary
  • Insurers­ in Michigan the Alliance has the benefit of working with a cooperative group of healthcare insurance providers who have helped to offer autism benefits through the Alliance’s prior work toward Insurance Legislation and the Insurance Subcommittee of the Michigan Autism Council
  • Autism Voluntary Registry a survey launched by AAoM in 2015 to get an accurate count of the numbers of individuals in Michigan with autism to use for advocacy efforts
  • A strong community of corporate sponsors and community partners that help the cause
  • Our Board of Directors­ the Autism Alliance is represented by a dedicated board, many of whom are family members themselves of individual with autism
  • Our donors who champion the efforts of the Alliance everyday by providing essential funding that allows us to advocate for the rights,care, and protection of individuals with autism in Michigan deserve

Community Social Narratives

Bloomfield Township Library

Created for Bloomfield Township Library in Bloomfield, MI.

USA Hockey

Created for attending a USA Hockey game.


Created for Team GUTS™ in Ferndale, MI. Team GUTS™ provides one-on-one training, fitness classes, strength training, and sports camps.

Wharton Center for Performing Arts

Created for Wharton Center for Performing Arts at Michigan State University.

On Board With Autism

Wayne County Airport Authority (WCAA) at Detroit Metro Airport & Delta Airlines “On Board with Autism” Program: social narrative provides the pre-flight and flight “story”, about preparation, arrival at the parking structure, ticketing, security, and more!

The Detroit Zoo

The Detroit Zoo has partnered with AAoM to offer social narratives, organized by animal habitat.

North American International Auto Show

Created in kind for the North American International Auto Show to support visiting individuals and families.

Thomas The Train

Created for Thomas’s Day Out at Greenfield Village

Grand Rapids Children Museum

Created in kind for the Grand Rapids Children’s Museum to support visiting individuals and families.

The Henry Ford Rouge River Tour

Created in kind for the Henry Ford Museum to support visiting individuals and families.

The Henry Ford

Created in kind for the Henry Ford Museum to support visiting individuals and families.

The Henry Ford Greenfield Village

Created for The Henry Ford Greenfield Village and all attractions at the Village.