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Immunization Initiative

We have launched an education and engagement campaign to heighten statewide health and wellness opportunities for individuals in Michigan’s autism community.

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Watch Me Grow

This training program educates caregivers and community providers on recognizing developmental milestones, red flags of
developmental delays and how to navigate delays.

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The Michigan Parent, Advocate & Attorney Coalition (MiPAAC) powered by the Autism Alliance of Michigan is a newly formed statewide group focused on student-centered advocacy. MiPAAC aims to educate families of children with special educational needs on specific topics relevant to their advocacy efforts.

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SpecEd Coalition

The Special Education Coalition of Michigan convenes stakeholders from multiple agencies across Michigan to collectively identify priorities to address issues that exist across our special education system.

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Meet The Team

Heather Eckner

Director of Statewide Education & Outreach

Karen Clark

Education Policy Coordinator

Joanna Lofton

Outreach Manager

Kathleen Larson

Health Education Coordinator

Ashley Shayter

Policy Manager

Chaunta Tsegaye

Program Manager

Kierra Jones

Education & Outreach Coordinator

Belinda Lee

Education & Outreach Coordinator

Vaccine Resource Center