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    Michigan Autism Voluntary Registry

    Having an accurate picture of the number and profile of persons with autism in the State of Michigan is vital in advocating for increased supports and services. Help by filling out this quick survey!

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    Neighborhood Directory

    Autism Alliance of Michigan’s Mi Navigator Neighborhood Directory. It is our goal to help you better navigate the journey of autism.



A key role for AAoM is to advocate for legislative reform. Staff of AAoM act as liaison between families, insurers, providers, and state departments to increase timely access to critical, early therapies known to create positive, long term… Read More

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AAoM coordinates statewide initiatives and partners with other autism-related organizations to offer educational trainings, seminars and workshops. Hundreds of these events have been held throughout the state. To date, AAoM’s workshops have been presented to over 15,000 school-age… Read More

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AAoM is creating a combination website and call-line known as Michigan Family Autism Navigator.
It will be available to help families receive expedient access to services and resources as well as consultation opportunities. The Navigator will help families sort… Read More

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Neighborhood Directory

Check out our statewide Neighborhood Directory for providers by entering your region or preferred category. Over 800 resources!

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