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Help. Hope. Answers. Today.

We are very excited to premier our brand new video “Help. Hope. Answers Today.” Please take a minute to watch and learn about the work of Autism Alliance of Michigan. And then please share this video with your friends so we can reach as many families affected by autism as possible and provide them with the help, the hope and the answers they need today.

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AAoM’s Neighborhood Directory is home to over 700 resources based in Michigan. From ABA Therapists, summer camps, doctors to Autism Friendly Businesses you can find that and more in the Neighborhood Directory. The Neighborhood directory is also home to our Community Calendar.

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MiNavigator is the only program in the state offering support regardless of insurance, geography or need. Free resources for Michigan are available and targeted to meet a families’ unique needs. Assistance navigating the autism journey is offered through face to face, phone, email, and web-based resources.

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AAoM is staffed by autism professionals and specialists in areas covering education, clinical, insurance, employment, legal and safety, among others. Parents, caregivers and educators can pose their own questions or learn from the blogs and responses to others with autism or in similar situations.

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Autism Alliance of Michigan’s Physicians Portal Includes: Online Referral Form, as well as M-Chat, CSBS DP Infant-Toddler Checklist, The Childhood Autism Spectrum Test (CAST) measuring tools and Pharmacologic and Evidence-Based Treatment Guides for download.

AAoM Events

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Find a variety of fun and educational events offered for families within our autism community, designed for people with autism, their families and providers. Supporters will know that any funds raised stay in Michigan and are used to help families right here in our own state.

Insurance Facts

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Find answers to common questions, concerns, and issues surrounding the coverage for autism in Michigan. Our experts provide answers for both private and Medicare/Medicaid policies. Also users can download helpful tools aiding in the fight to ensure insurance is working for you your child.

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