Upcoming Community Events – September / October

September 19 Support Group: IEP Info and School Help September 19 Inspire Change Gala September 23 Autism Community Day September 24 Teen and Young Adult Social Group: Bowling and Pizza

Transition to Adulthood

School has begun, which can be an exciting time, but also a stressful one. As our children get older it’s natural to think about the next step. This can be

Navigating the back to school season with AAoM

It’s been 1 year since our last newsletter was dedicated to back to school needs, and here we are yet again, wondering where our summer went! For this edition of

Volunteer Spotlight: Everyday Superheroes Autism Alliance of Michigan

More children than ever are being diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, largely attributed to progress in early detection and greater understanding and awareness; and the question of where families should

Corner Health sensory room makes accessing healthcare easier for people living with autism

“Access to sensory rooms in a doctor’s office will ensure that every autistic child is receiving the care they need in a space that is comfortable and minimizes stress.” —

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