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Vaccination Saves Lives

At Autism Alliance of Michigan (AAoM), we aim to serve as a trusted resource for individuals living with autism and their families, guardians and caregivers. We believe that independence, health and well-being are foundational to a full life. We are committed to advocating for disability rights and to providing scientific information, resources, referrals, and community safety initiatives.

We understand misinformation about vaccine safety and effectiveness has spread rapidly over the past several years. AAoM is committed to providing the most current, verifiable and validated facts to help you make choices for your family and loved ones.

5 Things You Can Do for a Successful Vaccination Appointment


Autism Alliance of Michigan (AAoM) wants to help make sure your child’s vaccination appointment is as safe and stress-free as possible. Check out the 5 things you can do as a parent or guardian to make the experience a success for everyone.


Autism Alliance of Michigan quiere ayudar a asegurar que la cita de vacunación de su hijo sea tan segura y esté tan libre de estrés como sea posible. Vea las 5 cosas que usted puede hacer como padre o tutor para que la experiencia sea un éxito para todos.


يريد تحالف التوحد في مشيغان (AAoM) المساعدة على التأكد من أن موعد لقاح طفلك آمن وخالي من التوتر قدر الإمكان. تحقق من الخمسة أشياء التي يمكنك أن تفعلها كوالد أو وصي لتجعل التجربة ناجحة للجميع.

The Autism Alliance of Michigan is leading collaborative efforts across the state that aim to improve the quality of life for individuals with autism through education, access to comprehensive services, community awareness, inclusion efforts, and coordinated advocacy. Consistent with our commitment to assure the safety, health, and well-being of our population, the immunization campaign is intended to educate our community with recommendations based on the most up-to-date, scientific information supported by sound research studies to inform and direct our efforts.

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Those with ASD may be at higher risk for COVID-19 because they may have trouble understanding or following safety measures like wearing a mask or physical distancing and may have difficulty communicating symptoms of illness.

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The Autism Alliance of Michigan supports current United States Center for Disease Control (CDC) and American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) vaccination guidelines for both routine childhood immunizations and COVID-19 vaccination and recommends children and adults are vaccinated accordingly.

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Our position on vaccination is based on expert medical input from some of Michigan’s top physicians who sit on the AAoM Medical Advisory Board, the United States Center for Disease Control Vaccination Guidelines and the American Academy of Pediatrics.

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The Autism Alliance of Michigan understands that the decision to vaccinate is both an intellectual and emotional one and recommends families contact their trusted primary care physician/pediatrician for additional counsel as needed.

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Thousands of individuals with autism have been safely vaccinated.

We partner to improve equity and access to vaccinations and other health care services.

The Autism Alliance of Michigan (AAoM), Brain Injury Association of Michigan (BIAMI), Disability Rights Michigan (DRM), and Michigan Developmental Disabilities Institute (MI-DDI) joined together to form Michigan Vaccination Partners (MVP). MVP aims to ensure greater equity and access to vaccination for people disproportionately impacted by COVID-19.

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