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The Step by Step Process: Breaking down The Metaphorical Puzzle

We all have our strengths and weaknesses. Individuals with autism often learn differently, whether we use visual aids, simplified instructions or have an assistant by our side, we all need something different to succeed. And this is definitely not exclusive to students with Autism, but may extend its reach to any student. But when we are focusing our attention towards students with Autism there is an approach many of us can identify with. It’s the step by step model.

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Happy New Year Autism Community!

I hope the holidays were good to all of you and the families you serve. As difficult as the long months of winter can be at times, I have also found this time of year an ideal time to reflect on the progress and many accomplishments we’ve seen; thousands more first responders trained, hundreds of families throughout the state who have benefited from our Navigator program, BCBA licensure and Seclusion/Restraint legislation, which was passed after years of advocacy, and so much more. None of this would be possible without the support of our community, especially those who support our annual Michigan Shines for Autism Gala and Autism Hero Walk. Funds raised during these crucial events have allowed AAoM to touch over 30,000 lives in Michigan to date.

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Ford SEO Staff and Autism Alliance of Michigan Bring Holiday Joy to Families

At the beginning of 2016, Autism Alliance of Michigan was chosen as Ford SEO’s Charity of the year. For the entire year, Ford SEO employees were actively engaged in fundraising and spreading a message of autism acceptance in Michigan. From pancake breakfasts to Taco Tuesdays to large community events, these Ford employees have dedicated so much time and energy to AAoM.

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Happy Holidays Autism Community!

As another year passes, we know that many parents are consumed with overwhelming concerns about their child’s well-being once they are gone. Financial planning becomes critical and information about MiAble and Special Needs Trusts can be empowering in this regard. We hope the information in this issue is valuable to you and the families you serve.

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Holiday Tips From An Autism Parent

While sometimes the mixture of autism and the holidays can produce stale fruit bread (instead of spiced eggnog), it doesn’t make the holiday season any less special. Christmas, for our family, is honestly one of the best times for the year, but it doesn’t come easy. It requires planning, a positive attitude and the willingness to be flexible.

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Important Legislation Regarding Restraint and Seclusion is Heading to a Vote

The Restraint and Seclusion Legislation has passed Committee in the State House and will now be voted on in the Michigan House of Representatives. Afterwards, the legislation will need to go through the same voting process in the Senate. Your voice can be heard loud and clear by contacting your State Representatives and State Senators. To find out who your Reps are, use this handy tool and consider giving them a call or writing to ask for their vote in support of HBs 5409-5418 and SBs 835-838.

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AAoM & DWMHA Hold Two Free Trainings

Once again AAoM is happy to partner with DWMHA to offer training for community families and providers, working together to help keep individuals with autism safe, and prevent crises. Please join us!

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Temple Quotes to Move You

Over 700 Michiganders enjoyed a fired up lecture from Temple Grandin today in Lansing at the New Horizon’s Autism and Asperger Syndrome Conference. Temple Grandin is a world-renowned woman on the spectrum who is a professor, engineer, author, and sometimes controversial speaker. If you haven’t had the opportunity to hear her speak, read her books, or see her biography, here are some of her ‘gems’ from today:

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Sensory Friendly Holiday events

Holidays can be stressful and overwhelming for Special Needs families, individuals with different sensory processing abilities can become easily overstimulated given larger crowds, lights, music, and the temptation of toys. Retail and organizations across our state are becoming increasingly aware of the struggles facing families, as a result more Sensory Friendly activities and events are available.

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Who’s In Your Corner?

Autism is a fight. It’s a lifetime of twelve rounds on repeat. With each set of rounds, a different opponent emerges. You’re gonna get knocked down, you’re gonna get bruised, and you’re gonna want to throw in the towel. Battling alone, failure is almost certain. This is why it’s essential to have a strong team in your corner.

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5 Tips for a Successful Autism-Friendly Halloween

5 Tips for a Successful Autism-Friendly Halloween 31 October, 2016 Autism Halloween Resources For some, Halloween is a time for costumes, candy and parties. For a family affected by autism, it might be a bit more complicated. Our resident autism dad put together a few...

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The Michigan ABLE Act

The Michigan ABLE Act 24 October, 2016 AutismMiAbleSaving Accounts Mark your Calendar! Saving is now an option for people and families with disabilities! The Michigan ABLE Act (MiAble) program will open for enrollment on Tuesday, November 1st, 2016 at...

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Navigating Insurance

Navigating Insurance 4 October, 2016 AutismInsuranceNavigation It’s that time of the year when many of us will be participating in open enrollment. Trying to figure out all those co-pays, deductibles, coinsurances and out-of-pocket maximums can leave you more confused...

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MiNavigator Now Offers a Clinician Online Referral Portal

MiNavigator Now Offers a Clinician Online Referral Portal 28 September, 2016 AutismCliniciansWeb Resource The MiNavigator program has been dedicated to helping families find the providers, supports and services that they need so that parents can get back valuable...

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