Happy Holidays Autism Community!


December, 2016

MiNavigator Newsletter

I hope this holiday season will bring you joy, peace, and a little extra time to enjoy with your families. We recognize that not all families living with autism would describe the holidays as “joyful” or “peaceful” as many struggle with the change in routine, lack of structure, erratic schedules, chaotic and loud settings….but we are so grateful for all of you, who work so hard to make life easier for those living with autism; 1) service providers who push our clients towards the very best outcomes, 2) our researchers, who have devoted their lives to investigate the cause and cure, 3) advocates, who drive autism reform across the state, 4) our donors, who fund so much of what we at AAoM are able to do, and, 5) families, who dedicate unmatched energy to supporting loved ones with autism, mentor others on the journey, and strengthen our autism community.  

When we look back on this past year, and the many Navigator families we have engaged, I am continually humbled by the challenges so many have overcome and their persistence in always making life better for their affected family member. We are honored to work side by side with so many. Our articles in this newsletter provide a glimpse of what many struggle with.

As another year passes, we know that many parents are consumed with overwhelming concerns about their child’s well-being once they are gone. Financial planning becomes critical and information about MiAble and Special Needs Trusts can be empowering in this regard. We hope the information in this issue is valuable to you and the families you serve.

Wishing all of you a very happy holiday season from your AAoM family.

Colleen Allen, Ph.D.,
President and CEO, Autism Alliance of MI
Governor Appointee, MI Autism Council

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