University of Michigan Fraternities and Sororities Raise over $200,000 over 3 Years for Michigan Families Living With Autism


February, 2017

Alpha Sigma Phi
Univ. Michigan

Ann Arbor, MI – Thirty-two University of Michigan fraternities and sororities came together last weekend to raise funds to support the Autism Alliance of Michigan (AAoM).

“Winterfest,” which raised $40,000 for AAoM in 2015, and $60,000 in 2016, exceeded those levels with $100,000 this year, through an online campaign, local sponsorships, and team participation fees. Winterfest is an annual philanthropy event planned and hosted by the Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity and held at Pi Kappa Alpha. Thousands of students participated in a Greek life broomball tournament last weekend.

“Every year I am humbled by the passion and commitment demonstrated by these two fraternities and the broader UM Greek Life community. They volunteer countless hours not only to fundraise, but to build the rink and organize an event that draws thousands. No other event of this scale exists on campus that raises awareness and funds to support our families living with autism in Michigan”, said Colleen Allen, Ph.D., President and CEO of AAoM.

The fraternity’s Event Coordinator, Connor Roach, added, “This is one of our proudest days as students. Winterfest has been part of Greek Life for years, but we looked at it and thought…’we can do more with this to help others by creating a simple fundraising competition among the fraternities and sororities who want to participate’”.

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