5 Tips for a Successful Autism-Friendly Halloween


October, 2016


For some, Halloween is a time for costumes, candy and parties. For a family affected by autism, it might be a bit more complicated. Our resident autism dad put together a few tips that can help make this Halloween one to remember!

1. Plan your route. Trick-or-treating in a familiar area with your child can create a better sense of comfortability. You can even use photos of the area if you have them for added support.

2. Block out some sound. For kids with noise sensitivity, incorporate a winter hat or some other ear covering into the costume

3. Get a squad together. If you can partner with a peer, it could be a great teaching moment for all involved.

4. Practice! Story boards and practice role playing are great. Just have your child ask another sibling or parent for candy.

5. Have a Plan B. If trick or treating doesn’t work out, don’t be discouraged. Plan a night of watching Halloween movies or maybe some themed games at home.

Whatever you decide to do this Halloween, have fun! If you are heading out on the town, consider this downloadable trick or treat card to help.
Have any other ideas or fun Halloween stories? Let us know, by contacting our Navigator Team at 877-463-AAOM or

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