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About Us

Autism Alliance of Michigan was founded with the vision that people with autism will lead lives that meet their greatest potential. We lead efforts to raise expectations and expand opportunities for people touched by autism across the lifespan.

Your Perspective is Powerful!

Diversity, equity and inclusion are more than words, they are the principles guiding how we build our community. Autism Alliance of Michigan is working towards a more accepting future for all people by cultivating a world rich in diverse abilities, talents and ideas.

Identity-First vs Person-First Language Statement

Many prefer using identity-first language (autistic person) to show the importance of autism being integral to their personhood, while others prefer person-first language (person with autism). To honor the lived experience of those we serve and diverse perspectives on language, AAoM primarily uses identity-first language, while also incorporating person-first language as a supplement.

LANGUAGE MATTERS: A Reflection on the Critical Use of Language


A life-long guide with professional help and answers for anyone touched by autism.


We drive initiatives that address systemic barriers to education, focus on student-centered advocacy and educate families on related topics.


Maximize employment opportunities for individuals of all abilities across industries.

You can make a difference!