Skill Building Series

This month we are excited to announce the launch of our Parent Skill Building Series. AAoM created simple, practical and easy to navigate webinars for parents and caregivers on a variety of topics to help build everyday skills in the home and community. 

Keep an eye out for the following FREE webinars on our website:

•Understanding Your Picky Eater
•Introduction to Activities of Daily Living
•Early Literacy Skills
•Understanding Your Child’s Sensory System
•Fine Motor and Autism
•Crisis Behavior Management
•Fostering Language Development 
•Behavior Basics
•Gross Motor and Autism
•Social Narratives
•Play, Leisure & Social Participation
•Augmentative and Alternative Communication for the Home
•Working with your BCBA on Problem Behavior Reduction: Taking and Presenting ABC Data

And here is the link for the first webinar.