October MiNavigator Newsletter


October, 2017

MiNavigator Newsletter
Michigan Restraint Law

For our October issue, we felt it was a good time to provide some professional guidance and interpretation for Michigan’s new Seclusion and Restraint legislation – being implemented across the state this school year. Many of you may not realize the impact of these new laws, but for some parents who have experienced previously unfair (and in some cases, unsafe) practices of seclusion and restraint against their own child, the significance of this educational reform cannot be understated. AAoM believes most educators want to do the right thing for every student in a classroom but often, lack of training and resources can place any well​-intentioned teacher in a difficult situation with a child. We continue to advocate for better training in behavioral principles and resources so both teacher and student have the opportunity to exceed expectations and maximize learning outcomes. We hope you enjoy and share the information. Have a wonderful October.

Colleen Allen, Ph.D.,
President and CEO, Autism Alliance of MI
Governor Appointee, MI Autism Council

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