Early On


Every parent hopes for a healthy baby; however, sometimes things do not go as planned.  After birth the child may be ill or may not appear to be developing at the same rate as other children.  The baby may not be doing such things as smiling, sitting up or speaking like other children their age.  Early On services are offered by the Michigan Department of Education.  Early On services include intervention relating to physical development, cognitive development, communication skills, self-help/adaptive skills and social/emotional development.

Early On services are provided for infants and toddlers from birth to 36 months of age.   If you are concerned about your baby’s health or development call 1-800-327-5966 to speak to an Early On representative.  Any questions or concerns that you discuss with the MDE Early On representative will be confidential.


Education programs for infants and toddlers (Birth thru 36 months) with Autism Spectrum Disorder fall under Part C of IDEA which requires that “to the maximum extent appropriate to the needs of the child, early intervention services must be provided in natural environments, including the home and community settings in which children without disabilities participate.” (34 CFR §303.12(b))  By definition, natural environments mean “settings that are natural or normal for the child’s age peers who have no disabilities.” (34 CFR §303.18)

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