Autism Alliance of Michigan and Microsoft Team Up for Rise AT Summit

Autism Alliance of Michigan and Microsoft hosted an all-day Assistive Technology (AT) Summit in Southfield this past Friday. Over 75 attendees enjoyed breakout sessions specific to AT, from apps to devices and everything in between.

AAoM Young Professionals Board Member Alicia Naser attended the event and recounted her experience with this unique event in a growing field.

Alicia wrote:

“Having attended the Assistive Technology summit this past Friday, a significant take-away for me was knowledge and understanding of the importance of assistive technology, not just for those individuals whom are users of a device but, also, as a member of society. With the growing technology we have today, there seems to be endless options when it comes to choosing an app, a device, etc. Thanks to each presenter at the summit, choosing what is best for a population or an individual has been made easier. The knowledge and information they shared helps to narrow down options as well as clear up any misunderstandings. I was introduced to resources I had no idea existed until learning about them on Friday. As someone working with the special needs population, it’s exciting to know there is a team of individuals continuously creating innovative solutions.”

From everyone at Autism Alliance of Michigan, thank you to the providers, attendees and business representatives who joined us for our inaugural Rise AT Summit. We want to send a special thank you to our presenters- AAoM was very lucky to offer such high caliber presenters for a free event, as well as a great partner in Microsoft. Let’s continue the conversation, maintaining meaningful and valuable technology for individuals with disabilities in our communities.


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