AAoM’s GPS Program Gives Parents Peace Of Mind

When Autism Alliance of Michigan heard Laurie’s story, our Navigator team sprung into action and delivered an AngelSense GPS Unit to her, so she wouldn’t have to go another day without some peace of mind, knowing her son was safe. We couldn’t explain the experience like Laurie, so here is her account of that important day. If you are interested in learning more about our GPS program, visit our Programs Page or contact navigator@aaomi.org.

My son is nine years old and in 3rd grade. When he was 4 years old, he was diagnosed with Autism. The psychologist warned us to keep a very close eye on him because “kids with autism have a 90% higher mortality rate than neurotypical children because of their tendency to wander and potentially drown, get hit by a car or kidnapped.” I had never felt so sick to my stomach.

I became a hypervigilant, helicopter mom, always within arms length. At home, I made sure that he was always in the room with me.

The common refrain in our home is “You got him?”. He has tried to leave the house, climbed out of windows; he even moved the ceiling tiles out of the way in the basement so he could climb into the ceiling.

I always breathed easy while he was at school. With three parapros and one teacher, I never felt worry. Until 2 months ago…

I got a phone call and telling me that he was missing and to come to the school. He had wandered away during recess, walked out to the parking lot and got into a car that was unlocked. He was found laying down in the backseat with a blanket.

The Autism Alliance of Michigan heard what happened and actually hand-delivered that day an AngelSense GPS device. I was so blown away by that gesture.

The school has been true to their word and increased many security measures on their end. That, coupled with the AngelSense, has given me my sanity back. I don’t think I will ever shake that fear, but this has given me some level of comfort. I cannot thank AAOM or AngelSense enough!

Laurie, Northville