Colleen Allen Thanks University of Michigan Greek Life and Talks AAoM News

AAoM’s President and CEO, Colleen Allen, stopped by the Lucy Ann Lance Show- WLBY AM last week to talk all things AAoM and thank fraternities from University of Michigan for a record breaking fundraiser in Ann Arbor.


Ann Arbor, MI – Thirteen IFC-affiliated fraternities and 11 Panhellenic-affiliated sororities came together last weekend to raise funds to support the Autism Alliance of Michigan (AAoM). “Winterfest,” exceeded all prior years fundraising levels this year, reaching almost $120,000, through an online competitive fundraising campaign and team participation fees. Winterfest is
an annual philanthropy event historically planned by the Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity and hosted at Pi Kappa Alpha, where thousands of students participate in a day-long broomball tournament. This year, multiple student leaders, from university affiliated organizations, collectively contributed the time and effort to create a successful event. “Every year I am humbled by the passion and commitment of these incredible young men and women, who have devoted months of time, resources, team work, and enthusiasm, to raise funds for families impacted by autism”, said Colleen Allen, Ph.D., President and CEO of AAoM. Allen commended the group for developing a budget to maximize profits, setting up a fundraising website, coordinating teams and schedules, designing and constructing an ice rink, and most importantly, working with local law enforcement to manage risk and potential problems.

The funds raised will go towards the AAoM GPS program – to purchase life-saving devices for children at risk of wandering. “These students are literally, saving lives”, said Allen. Additionally, a portion of the funds will be used to increase education and awareness of autism on campus, throughout the year. “They are raising awareness of autism and fundraising at the same time. It is the best demonstration of what can be accomplished when the efforts of this segment of university life are directed to positive, charitable activities,” Allen said. Chris Colon, from Pi Kappa Alpha, one of the event organizers, added, “This is such a great event for all of us involved. We dedicate time and resources for such a worthy cause and students gain philanthropic experience we hope they will apply long after leaving UM”. The national record for an on-campus fundraiser is $130,000. “We have every intention of exceeding that goal next year” he added.