While You’re Waiting To Get Into Therapies

While you’re waiting to get into therapies, make sure to contact EarlyOn for an evaluation and determination of free services your child may qualify through their school district.

In addition, you may want to take time to learn more about Autism. There are many sources of information available including books and online resources.

To learn more about Autism:

To learn more about Autism therapies:

Books, for example:
Engaging Autism by Stanley Greenspan
Uniquely Human by Barry M. Prizant
The Out-of-Sync Child by Carol Kranowitz and Lucy Jane Miller
More than Words by the Hanen Centre

In addition to reaching out for resources, spend time observing, playing with, and simply being with your child. Make sure to actively include them in family routines and experiences, and take note of what unique qualities your child has to offer.

Some suggestions of fun activities you can try with your child to keep them active and engaged can be found in our Neighborhood Directory:


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