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Stacie Rulison, MS, M.Ed, BCBA, Operations & Programming Director

216651_160491390694813_5076541_nAfter working in for EDS/HP for over 20 years, and most recently as a global delivery leader, Stacie decided to pursue a career in the field of autism. Witnessing the “miracle” of ABA with their son (diagnosed with classic autism at 3 years) it became the catalyst for this new direction. This coupled with the frustration of finding adequate cross-discipline supports and access to the needed evidence-based treatment, no infrastructure in Michigan to support families and children with ASD, and seeing other family’s struggle with similar issues, she developed a vision and passion for making positive change for families in Michigan affected by autism. Previously attaining a master’s in business, in 2011 Stacie finished a master’s degree in education with a major in special education and a focus in autism consultation and applied behavior analysis. In 2014, Stacie received Board Certification Behavior Analyst (BCBA) credentials.

Stacie oversees operations at AAoM, publishing the monthly e-newsletter, coordinating administrative and organizational activities, leading the statewide autism safety initiative, working on the autism insurance benefit and advocating for the recently passed autism insurance bills; and presenting on autism topics at numerous conferences and workshops across Michigan.

Stacie worked on the development committee for the Michigan Autism Sate Plan; serves on the Central Michigan Autism Collaborative (CMAC) as part of the STatewide Autism and Resources Training (START) project; designed the AMCHP grant’s Birth-6 year old Autism Spectrum Disorder Roadmap (published by the DDI at Wayne State University) and served on that development committee; and is the Board Secretary for Mid-Michigan Autism Association. Stacie additionally serves on the Board of Education for her children’s school district and chairs the Michigan 4-H Horse Judge’s Advisory Committee for the State of Michigan.

Stacie lives in St. Johns, MI, just north of Lansing. She is married to Rob. Ryder is their 7-year old with ASD and is doing amazing across environments. He is in an integrated, mainstream classroom and thriving. Ryder has minimal supports in school—which was truly made possible by effectively implemented ABA and incorporating many behavior-based principles into their daily interactions at home with Ryder. They also have a 12-year old son, Mason—who is a fabulous brother to Ryder, excellent student, and loves all sports!

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