Sheldon Green of Boynton Beach, FL passed away the evening of Wednesday November 29th. Located in Portage, MI, his grandson (Jonah Weiner) , granddaughter, daughter (Allison Weiner) and son-in-law, wanted to honor his legacy. Jonah, 5, years old, was diagnosed with autism just after his 2nd birthday. Even though Sheldon lived 1500 miles south of his grandson, they shared an incredible bond—from daily phone calls to visits to the beach. And, one special bond that this duo shared was a love for numbers.

Jonah has a list of co-morbidities with his autism. One of those is Hyperlexia, which his mom says give him a fascination with numbers, letters, and sequential series. Because of this, Jonah loves all things numbers. At the age of 5, he is adding and subtracting multiple digits, has memorized his times tables and is even telling time. Lucky for Jonah, his “Papa Shel” loved math just as much. Sheldon had a very analytical brain and connected with his grandson through math problems. Jonah impressed his Papa Shel constantly with his other skills which include: the ability to count in 5 languages, understanding and memorizing Roman Numerals, beginning to learn algebra and geometry and so much more.

When Sheldon passed away, the Weiner family along with Sheldon’s beloved wife Bobbie, wanted to do something special. Because of the incredible bond Papa Shel and Jonah shared, she knew she had to honor his legacy in a way that would impact autism. She chose to direct donations in honor of Sheldon to the Autism Alliance of Michigan.

For those interested in contributing to AAoM in honor of Sheldon Green, please use the following link and follow these steps.

  1. Head to the AAoM In Memory of Donation Page.
  2. Fill out “Sheldon Green” in the “in honor of field”.
  3. Do not worry about filling out the “Please enter the names/addresses of those you wish to receive an acknowledgement of your gift” field. We have the recipient’s information on file and will be sure to give notice on any donations.
  4. Click submit.

A time of mourning is a difficult time for all. Autism Alliance of Michigan is so thankful to any family who honors their deceased with a memorial donation. If you have any questions about including AAoM in your planning, please contact us at or 877.463.2266.

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