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The Autism Alliance of Michigan Sean Taglione Memorial Global Positioning Program GPS is partners with local autism advocacy and support groups to distribute GPS devices in Michigan.

The GPS Scholarship on line application period is now open. The applications will be reviewed and applicants will be notified if they were or weren’t selected. This program honors the memory of Sean Taglione, a 12-year old with autism who died from injuries sustained in a pedestrian automobile accident in 2012, shortly after he unexpectedly fled his home, and sadly before he was located. To help deter fatalities like Sean’s, the Autism Alliance of Michigan is sponsoring Amber Alert GPS devices to be given at no cost to families, in addition to covering costs for a service plan for one year.

The Sean Taglione Memorial GPS Program is part of the Michigan Autism Safety Training (MAST), an initiative of AAoM. Funding for this program is made possible by generous donations to the Sean Taglione Memorial GPS program through the Autism Alliance of Michigan. If you wish to donate to the Sean Taglione Memorial GPS Program, you may do so by going here.

GPS Update!

AAoM is now offering the AngelSense GPS device as an option for families. The AngelSense GPS unit is similar to the traditional unit, however features a smartphone app that keeps families updated with detailed location and tracking information. For families of children with special needs who struggle to communicate verbally, or struggle to keep the device on, our Michigan families are already reporting an increased sense of security with both the app as well as the unique and secure attachment options for wearability.

Tracking options are very important for people with autism who wander. According to an article by GPS Tech Review in July 2012 (, and contributions in an interview with Lori McIlwain, executive director of the National Autism Association (NAA), wandering has come to the forefront as an issue, and as there are more autism diagnosis, and increasing numbers of people with Alzheimer’s and dementia who also tend to wander, more this issue is getting more attention, and better tracking options are needed. Children with autism who wander, she said, are drawn to water for the rhythmic sound or the enveloping feeling of being in the water. Drowning is a leading cause of death in people with autism. “Wandering is a medical issue, not a mental issue,” she said.

Global System Management for Mobile Communications (GSM) is the most widely used cellular technology and supported by the major cellular carriers. This is also referred to as a “geo-fencing application” to let caregivers set a perimeter that a potential wanderer within which a person can freely move about. Once the person leaves that perimeter, a text message alerts the caregiver and maps their movements to track their bearing, speed and possible historic pathway.

Many autism and Alzheimer’s victims are being cared for by a spouse, however studies have shown that “fear of wandering” is the among the largest stress factors for caregivers during these stages of the disease. It’s an issue for the community because they would like the resident to remain in the setting where they are happiest, have friends, and can otherwise function, but would like to have options for addressing the issue of wandering.

Device can be tracked by a computer, smart phone, or an Amber Alert sThe Amber Alert GPS Smart Locator and our secure online tracking portal work hand-in-hand to provide you a wealth of information about your child’s whereabouts.

Other highlights include:

GPS TRACKING Check on your child’s location—updated every five minutes—from our secure online tracking portal and mobile app.

SOS BUTTON If your child needs help or has a medical emergency, they can press the SOS button to immediately contact you and up to ten authorized users.

2-WAY VOICE Talk directly to your child anytime; they can even call you with the touch of a button.

CUSTOMIZED ZONES Set up to 20 safe zones and get an alert via text or email when your little one enters or exits the virtual boundaries.

PREDATOR ALERTS Get a text or email when your child comes within 500 feet of a registered sex offender’s home.

BREADCRUMBING Have your child’s whereabouts sent to you automatically. You set the schedule—minutes or hours—and get the exact location of your child sent directly to you via text or email.

SPEED ALERT Be alerted via text or email if your child is in a vehicle exceeding the speed limit you specify.

SCHOOL READY A unique feature that you can activate to block all incoming calls to the Smart Locator while the child is in a school or learning environment. Calls coming from your child (including SOS calls) can still be initiated to the pre-programmed number. An email and/or SMS text alerts can automatically be sent to the school administrators to confirm that the School Ready feature has been activated.

LOW BATTERY ALERT Be alerted when your product has reached 15% battery level.

DEVICE ON/OFF AND INACTIVITY ALERTS Receive an alert when your device has been turned ON/OFF or has not reported for four hours.

AngelSense is a wearable GPS tracking device and an app for parents to create a safe world for children with special needs and brings a peace of mind to thousands of parents. AngelSense is the only GPS device that is specifically designed for children with sensory sensitivities.

Highlight features include:

FULL DAY VIEW OF YOUR CHILD’S SCHEDULE Set up a simple, diary-format schedule of your child’s day. This feature includes routes and locations that can be set in 30-second intervals.

ALERTS FOR UNEXPECTED PLACES Receive text messages when your child departs and arrives from a specific place, and for every unexpected change.

PROVEN CHILD SEARCH MODE Special “Runner Mode” designed to help locate your child. This feature includes reliable child exit alerts, live 10-second updates, and directions to your child on a map.

NON REMOVAL FEATURE The GPS Device is securely attached to your child and requires a special key for removal by the parent.

LISTEN-IN CAPABILITIES Listen in to your child’s day-to-day activities, and be at rest knowing the well-being of your child in any situation.

GROUP ALARMS At a push of a button, a SMS is sent out to a predefined group of individuals to notify them of an emergency situation. This feature is designed for an emergency situation such as a lost child and allows the predefined group to live stream the child’s location and gives directions to the child.

SCHOOL DASHBOARD Provide you child’s school with a special interface that helps school staff ensure the child is safe during school hours.

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