Over 70 Attendees Enjoyed On Board with Autism at DTW


April, 2017

On Board With Autism

Over 70 attendees were able to take advantage of a partnership event with Autism Alliance of Michigan, DTW Airport, Delta and TSA. For families living with autism, air travel is often an extremely difficult or impossible option. The entire experience, from the size of the airport, number of people, security protocols, noise, smells, and visual stimulation can easily over stimulate a person with autism. This event allowed families the opportunity to go through the preparation and on/off boarding experience, practice going through the security check, the jet bridge, and visit the airport terminal!

It is clear from the smiles in these photos that it was a successful day for all and will hopefully lead to some peace of mind for families when traveling in the future!

Stay tuned for details on the next On Board with Autism event. In the meantime, if you have any questions about traveling with autism or just autism in general, please contact our Navigator Specialists at 877.463.AAOM or Help. Hope. Answers. TODAY.

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