Johnson-Hooper: How Bias Traps Children of Color in Autism Diagnoses

What I’m about to tell you frustrates me as a doctor and angers me as a human being. A mother recently brought her 10-year-old African American son to my multidisciplinary

I Was Shocked by The Use of Seclusion and Restraint in Michigan Schools by Brian Calley

Restraining and secluding children in schools only escalates problematic and dangerous behaviors and can cause serious injuries, emotional damage, or even death. Yet, in many schools throughout the United States,

Commentary: Ignoring the Rights of Michiganders with Disabilities is Bad for Business by Dave Meador

Do civil rights extend to people with disabilities in Michigan? It’s hard to believe this question is being asked in 2023. Everyone deserves to be included and live a full

Why Does Michigan Fail People Like Miguel Perez? by Colleen Allen

Miguel Perez is a 27-year-old man facing a life of dependence, isolation, and limited opportunities to be fully included as a member of our community. It didn’t have to be

Colleen Allen interview with Alisa Zee

President and CEO of AAoM, Colleen Allen speaks to Sunday Morning Edition radio show host Alisa Zee about the evolution and education of community awareness and acceptance of Autism and

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