Niklas Kronwall Gives New Meaning to “Getting Kronwalled”

Niklas Kronwall has been a big supporter of Autism Alliance of Michigan for years. A family with a child affected by autism may not feel comfortable attending a Red Wings game. With all the cheering, music, bright lights and people, it might not be the most inviting environment. But, Kronwall makes sure everyone is included. Everyone should get the chance to sit in Joe Louis and experience a Red Wings game up close and personal. So, each game, he donates 4 tickets to a family affected by autism, making sure they feel welcomed and comfortable. When you are sitting in Kronner’s Korner, you know you are in for a great game!

Now, Kronwall is taking his philanthropy a step further. When you purchase an autographed Niklas Kronwall photo, that money goes directly to Autism Alliance of Michigan. The best part? All donations to AAoM stay right here in Michigan.