Michigan Falls Short On Special Education Services


July, 2017

Special Education

Gongwer News reporting on Michigan’s Policy and Politics shared results of a recent review of Michigan’s schools compared to nationwide expectations. While Michigan did not meet the needs for federal intervention, their report highlights the work still needs to be done within the Michigan and the Department of Education.




Michigan Falls Short On Special Education Services

Michigan was listed as Needs Assistance again in 2016 by federal officials for its special education services.

The state was one of 28 states and territories the U.S. Department of Education found had not met requirements of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act for at least two years, but not so severely that it needed federal intervention.

Another six states and territories were found to have fallen short of the standards for a first year and the Bureau of Indian Education was found to need intervention, having missed the standard for six years.

Michigan met the standard for assistance to those ages two and under, one of 30 jurisdictions to have done so.

The state was faulted mostly for special education students’ performance on the National Assessment for Educational Progress, receiving zeros for 8th grade participation in both the mathematics and reading tests (out of two possible points). The only two score the state received was on percentage of 8th graders scoring basic or above on the test.

For six of the 10 compliance scores, Michigan received the maximum score of two.

The Department of Education, in a statement, agreed with the need for improvement, but not the measures.

“Though we take issue with the review’s use of NAEP scores, rather than more accurate state assessments, to issue these annual determinations, the state does need to make improvements,” the department said. “We see the latest review as an opportunity to get some additional resources from the federal government. The MDE will work together with OSEP to determine the state’s improvement process and identify whatever technical assistance may be needed.”

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