Learning Opportunities Around the Home

Here are ideas for fun, simple activities to do in the home: 

  1. Create greeting cards for your loved ones to send in the mail. This is a great way to work on spelling and writing while also telling your family members that you miss them.
  2. Make a sensory bin using different items from around the house.
  3. Make a bird feeder by putting cereal on a string or pipe cleaner. Watch and discuss the birds.
  4. Engineer structures (e.g. igloos, houses, etc.) with sugar cubes, a deck of cards, or other household items.
  5. Grow your own food. This can be achieved by using seeds from your vegetables and placing them into soil or by placing ends of stalks/vegetables into water. 
  6. Make an I Spy Bottle by filling empty, clear, bottles with dry rice and small items/trinkets (shells, beads, bells, buttons, charms, paper clips, dice, coins, etc). 
  7. Create a mini terrarium in a mason jar.
  8. Make musical instruments with old coffee cans, beads, or any other small items lying around.
  9. DIY colorful jellyfish with paper plates and yarn.
  10. Recycle your empty tissue boxes and make them into different animals with markers or paint. 
  11. Engineer paper planes and see which design flies farther.
  12. Get creative with side-walk chalk or create your very own ice chalk for hot days. 
  13. Create puppets with items around the house (e.g. paper bags, socks, etc.) and have the family perform a puppet show.
  14. Paint characters and images on stones. When they’re dry, put together a story.
  15. Make an obstacle course in your yard or in an open space in your house.
  16. Use empty toilet paper or paper towel rolls to make a DIY marble run.
  17. Create lunch sack kites with paper lunch bags, streamers, ribbon, etc.