DSP Ally of the Month Sep. ’19 – Bridgette Sabol

You would never know that Bridgette wasn’t a fourth sister to him in her 7 years by his side.

Louie has a number of health concerns associated with his cerebral palsy diagnosis where he’s faced countless surgeries and a wide array of other medical procedures, but that hasn’t kept him down.  Louie is a party animal and Bridgette is right there with him going bowling, painting, singing karaoke, dancing, shopping, playing baseball, and even on vacations!  They both attend each other’s special events and family functions, when you see one you are likely to see the other.  Bridgette is married and raising 2 kids of her own yet she is still there with Louie whenever he needs her.  She’s been instrumental in their family helping not just with Louie but his father as well who passed away just last month.  There are lot of wonderful direct support professionals out there but Bridgette stands out as the best I’ve personally ever had the pleasure of meeting.  She loves Louie like a brother and he adores her like he does his sisters.

Congratulations Bridgette! Bridgette is our first DSP Ally of the Month.  Enthusiastically nominated by Heather Phillips of the Downriver Panthers.  Bridgette was awarded a certificate of appreciation for her service and the award of a gift card from AAoM.  Thank you Bridgette for being Louie’s trusted Ally!!

Michigan is facing a Direct Care staffing shortage, now at crisis levels given inadequate wages afforded to professionals like Bridgette.  DSPs provide critical daily supports and community integration for individuals with disabilities.  To discuss your loved one’s need for direct care, to nominate your DSP Ally, or if you are someone who would make a great direct support professional, reach out  to us at navigator@aaomi.org.  Keep an eye out for October’s DSP Ally award as we grow together as a community in awareness and appreciation of our Direct Support Professionals.