Autism Acceptance Month

Contributed by AAoM’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee

Sue Ann Pien An actress on the Netflix show As We See It, she was kicked out of her first acting school, Sue Ann follows the footsteps of many derelict actors on the autism spectrum by finding humor in offbeat characters. Anita Cameron A prolific disability rights activist, author, and public speaker, she has campaigned for disability rights since the late 1980’s. She also advocates for LGBT+, Black, and Indigenous rights, and for better treatment of people whose identities intersect those categories. Dr. Vernon Smith A Nobel Prize winning economy professor at Chapman University, his work in the field practically founded the philosophy of experimental economics. He credits his autism for his success, citing the ability to look at things from a different angle. Jorge Gutiérrez An Academy Award nominated director for children’s media such as Book of Life and the Netflix show Maya and the Three and a father of an autistic son, Jorge was diagnosed with Autism at 40 years old. He credits his autism with his drive to bring his home Mexican culture to the world stage of entertainment, no matter the barriers. Greta Thunberg Possibly the most famous environmental activist in the modern day, her work in slowing the impact of climate change and in youth activism has had world leaders heeding every word. She has credited her autism as her driving force.