Autism MiWay

The Autism MiWay is for you. Your story. Your family, Your safe place. The Autism Alliance partners with all autism stakeholders across Michigan- practitioners, legislators, businesses, and families. But the MiWay was created specifically for Michigan families trying to manage and to live the best lives possible. We recognize the need to advocate for inclusion in the community at large. However, we also recognize the need for a strong autism community, disability pride, mentorship and learning from one another.

We wanted to create an open, but at the same time, safe place. Your MiWay can link to your pre-existing Facebook or social media accounts. But there may be things that want to share, and feel only someone who loves someone with autism would understand.

So please share with us and with other families on our Michigan Autism MiWay.

Share. Autism parents are a savvy group and the most resourceful group we know.

Blog. Your stories and insights have value, to those who can relate, and learn from your experiences.

Inspire. Cheer one another on, we want a positive place to hang out, inappropriate rants will be taken down.

Brag. Tell everyone that your child learned to use the toilet…even if he’s 10. Share their gifts and special talents. It’s okay, we all understand different learners here.

Post. Photos, discoveries, stories, news, status updates, pin ideas.

Laugh. We’ve all had to laugh to keep from crying at some point. There is goodhearted fun in our shared stories and differences.

Mentor. You’ve learned so much on your journey worth sharing, and some parents struggle to get to or find formal support groups.

Autism MiWay will be whatever you make it. We hope you will join, and enjoy the ride!

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