Request for URGENT Action: Medicaid Funding for Direct Care


  • Contact your House and Senate members urging them to support additional Medicaid funding for a $0.75 per hour wage increase for direct care workers in the Fiscal Year 2019 Supplemental Appropriations Budget. This allocation is intended to recognize the impact of the upcoming minimum wage increase that was passed by the Michigan Legislature in September and stabilize the workforce for these individuals.
  • These contacts are critical, legislators must hear from us as there will be numerous requests for final appropriations during the lame duck session (occurring now).

To Email a Prewritten Letter:

When Calling:

  • Explain that a staff wage increase advances the objectives of improving the quality of life for individuals with disabilities and increasing their access to supports and services.
  • Share stories on how the staffing crisis negatively impacts you or your family member.

Quick Talking Points:

  • People with developmental disabilities, mental illness or substance use disorder rely on direct care workers for essential supports which enable them to access their community, work, and live full, meaningful lives.
  • Inadequate wages have created a critical direct care shortage.
  • Turnover rates average 37%. Some providers have been forced to discontinue services.
  • Direct care starting wages, which are tied to Medicaid funding, are too low. Service providers cannot compete with other businesses that hire at the same level, often with fewer work demands.