Diversity, equity, and inclusion are more than words, they are the principles guiding how we build our community. Autism Alliance of Michigan is working towards a more accepting future for all people by cultivating a world rich in diverse abilities, talents, and ideas.


The Diversity Equity and Inclusion committee was developed to help make AAoM a more diverse and inclusive organization internally and operationally externally.


Some of our accomplishments have been.

  1. Developed a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion mission statement to guide the  committee
  2. Attended conflict resolution training and shared strategies with staff
  3. Participated in an Implicit Bias training
  4. Participated in DEIC Training from Dr. Meadows
  5. Coordinated presentations and staff discussions on Implicit Bias
  6. Reviewed Employee Handbook and made recommended changes to make it more inclusive, verbiage appropriate, and culturally sensitive.
  7. Developed an anonymous email staff can use to report concerns
  8. Initiated all staff Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity Assessment
  9. Contribute monthly newsletter articles regarding how diversity, equity, and inclusion affect the disability community and communities of color.
  10. Shared videos, articles, and workshops with staff to educate staff on issues and concerns.
  11. Scheduled Diversity training for committee and staff with an outside trainer scheduled for April
  12. Develop a proposed diversity statement that represents AAOM’s view
  13. Review recruiting practices and employment candidate recruitment, in the process
  14. Scheduled regular voluntary “difficult conversations” between staff


Although there is still a lot of work to do, the committee has made great strides.