AAoM Joins Gov. Gretchen Whitmer at the Signing of the FY23 State School Aid Budget

The Autism Alliance of Michigan (AAoM) was pleased to join Governor Gretchen Whitmer today at the signing of the FY23 state school aid budget which includes an increase to $9,150 per pupil foundation allowance – the highest in our state’s school funding history – along with a new funding formula for special education which includes a $246 million increase for students with disabilities.

AAoM serves as the lead agency for two statewide coalitions focused on the special education system. Through both our Special Education Coalition of Michigan as well as the Michigan Parent, Advocate & Attorney Coalition (MiPAAC), we have been driving advocacy for increased, equitable funding that directly supports students with disabilities. While we continue to have work ahead of us to improve educational outcomes in our state for marginalized students, we celebrate today along with our coalition members and partners on this historic budget for Michigan.