Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley addressed the State Board of Education with results of his special education Listening Tour and recommendations for making Michigan a Top 10 Education State. Autism families and Alliance members were present and pleased to hear the Lt. Governor address:

  • Develop a more inclusive and transparent rulemaking process
  • Improve access to quality supports and services
  • The need for individualized approaches to education
  • Revising the current practice of restraint and seclusion
  • Creating a better dispute resolution policy

Per his address, some of Calley’s specific recommendations included;

  • Implementation of improved Functional Behavior Assessments to look more deeply into the causes and management of behavior
  • Collaboration with external supports and providers outside of the school who can help students
  • A mandatory ban on seclusion and restraint in Michigan schools, stating that school is the only setting where restraints are optional and not regulated by strict guidelines.
View Listening Tour Results Here View Complete Report Here

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