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Michigan families living with autism have been forced to grow their knowledge and understanding of what a “Self-Funded Company” means when verifying their insurance coverage for autism services.  Relative to other states who have roughly 30% of companies who self-fund healthcare for their employees, Michigan is unique in that 75% of companies in Michigan are in fact self-funded.  Our automotive headquarters in Michigan, among other industries, contribute to those large numbers.  This high number of self-funded companies meant that after leading the charge on Michigan’s Insurance Legislation in 2012, AAoM was charged with working with Employers one by one, one employee family at a time, one company at a time, in collaboration with Michigan’s Department of Insurance.  AAoM is proud of the work with 67 Companies in Michigan who have chosen to self-adopt autism benefits.  We applaud the efforts and strides that United Healthcare has taken to make autism treatment a standard of care and look forward to hearing from Michigan families who are positively impacted by this change.

Read United Healthcare’s Press Release Here.

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