AAoM Offers Two Free Conferences

Navigating Adulthood with Disability: Overcoming Barriers and Challenges
February 11th, 2016 | Hannah Center in East Lansing
Navigating Autism Now!
March 4th, 2016 | Wayne County Community College-Western Campus in Belleville

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Our MiNavigator has allowed us to communicate and support many more families by phone and through email support with occasional face to face meetings. Parent conferences allow us to provide mass trainings for parents on a wide variety of topics. Our Parent Conferences support evidence-based and best-practice treatments for autism families, and topics relevant to daily life. AAoM works diligently to find conference sponsors to underwrite conferences and allow parents to attend with the help of scholarships to cover their costs. We also work to bring to our parents Michigan’s foremost autism experts and presenters. As a result we also welcome autism providers to attend for a nominal fee.

So, come, network with other parents and autism professionals. Surveys indicate that 94% of AAoM conference participants would strongly recommend an AAoM conference to other friends and families.

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