MiNavigator Now Offers a Clinician Online Referral Portal


September, 2016

Web Resource

The MiNavigator program has been dedicated to helping families find the providers, supports and services that they need so that parents can get back valuable family-time with their children or adult family members. At the same time the free case management and referrals offered by MiNavigator allow clinicians to focus on providing high-quality assessments and care, rather than spending office visit time navigating insurance, wait list, and other hurdles.

We have heard from pediatricians many times that they want a way to ensure that their patients are following up with MiNavigator when they make the suggestion, and the new Online Referral through the Clinician Portal allows just that. Clinicians can make a referral right from their exam room, providing just basic contact information and this is immediately routed to one of our skilled navigation specialists. The family will receive a call from their assigned navigator within 72 hours from the referral, to discuss resources and supports in their area, help with questions regarding the special education process, diagnostics, therapies, insurance support, and any other concerns. The pediatrician will be notified to inform them that a navigator has connected with the family.

The clinician portal is continuing to grow with additional resources for physicians and therapists, visit for insurance downloads, free downloads and autism screening tools, and much more to come.

We all know our autism families lead hectic lives. This is just one more way to give families back time- by helping them get to the resources that they need, as soon as possible, and making sure that those connections happen.

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