The State of Michigan has made tremendous progress over the past year in advancing autism toward evidence based practice and improved supports for individuals and families. Starting with the passage of the autism insurance benefit on March 29, 2012, followed by formation of the Governor-appointed Michigan Autism Council (MIAC) in July 2013, and subsequently the public release of the Michigan ASD State Plan (March 2013), great strides are being made in Michigan. Our state will go from being one of the least desirable places to live if you have autism, to being one of the most sought after. It will take time to change how autism looks at a state level, but the infrastructure is being put in place and this will occur over the next several years; and it will be an ongoing, evolving process.

Michigan Autism Council The Michigan Autism Council (MIAC) was formed in July 2012. Check out the Executive Order issued by Governor Snyder for additional information. The purpose of the MIAC is to implement the MI ASD State Plan, the blue print for the future model of autism in in our state. Information regarding the MIAC can be found on the State of Michigan’s Autism Website at: This includes information about members, meetings, subcommittees and more. YOU can get involved by taking an active part in a subcommittee which will be formed as work takes place on specific focus areas of the Plan.
Michigan ASD State Plan The Michigan ASD State Plan was released to the public in March 2013. It culminated a three-year development process of the Plan. This document provides a roadmap for building an infrastructure of integrated systems and support across the domains of early intervention, families, evidence based practice, education, professional development, and adult services. To review, print, or download the an Executive Summary of the Plan, or the complete Plan, access the link below. Complete information on the MI ASD State Plan can be found at

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