MI Insurance Subcommittee

Following the autism insurance legislation in 2012, a great deal of the Michigan Autism Council’s time was spent trying to make sense of billing and reimbursement issues surrounding the new autism benefit. As these issues were very complex and required a significant amount of time to resolve, the Insurance Subcommittee separated from the Michigan Autism Council. The Subcommittee is chaired by the Autism Alliance of Michigan’s President & CEO Colleen Allen, PhD. Members of the subcommittee include all health insurance plans in Michigan, and representatives from a cross section of universities, health care systems, and private practitioners implementing the new benefit.
Some of the Insurance Subcommittee work focuses on:
  • Michigan Reimbursement Fund
  • AAoM’s work with self-funded companies to adopt an autism benefit for their employees
  • Autism Provider Credentials
  • Documentation Standards and Guidelines in Evaluating and Treating Autism
  • Consumer Complaints regarding the reimbursement process
  • Working together with providers and insurers to bridge gaps in service and maximize treatment for families across the state
If you are a provider or parent and have an insurance concern that you would like to share with the Insurance Subcommittee please contact navigator@aaomi.org and indicate that your question is for the Michigan Autism Insurance Subcommittee.  


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