Ford SEO Staff and Autism Alliance of Michigan Bring Holiday Joy to Families


December, 2016


At the beginning of 2016, Autism Alliance of Michigan was chosen as Ford SEO’s Charity of the year. For the entire year, Ford SEO employees were actively engaged in fundraising and spreading a message of autism acceptance in Michigan. From pancake breakfasts to Taco Tuesdays to large community events, these Ford employees have dedicated so much time and energy to AAoM.

As it that wasn’t enough, the Ford SEO team approached us with a special holiday idea. They wanted to sponsor as many MiNavigator families for the holidays as they could. We put together an Amazon wish list and the rest was history.

Items came pouring into the office—gift cards, weighted blankets, sensory toys and more. Just before Christmas, the Navigator team loaded into cars with bags packed ready to spread some Christmas cheer to families in need. For AAoM’s MiNavigator staff this was a memorable experience. This staff works tirelessly answering phone calls and emails, researching pertinent autism issues in Michigan and providing any kind of support necessary. So, being able to interact face to face with some of these families for the first time was such a fulfilling experience.

The smiles below show what a successful event it truly was.

Thank you again to the Ford SEO team for their amazing support this year!

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