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Event Series Event Series: Companion Care Group/Body Doubling

Companion Care Group/Body Doubling

July 16 @ 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm



Many of us struggle with task initiation, prioritization, focus, or time management. Companion Care Group helps us to get work done that we are struggling to do without support. Each member of the group can be there to support all the other members while also being supported by their peers.

Please come to group with a project or task you plan to work on. It can be a household chore/project, homework, work for your job, a personal project that you want to focus time on but maybe have struggled to prioritize, etc. Ideally, it should be something you can either complete or make measurable progress on in about one hour.

Please also come with the intent of being helpful for others by being present for them and listening to their goals and concerns.

We will use the Pomodoro Technique – 25 minutes of focused work and a 5 minute break. We will do three cycles, with flexibility built in for those who want to work through the break or get done early.

The two hour timeframe will go approximately like this…

2:00 – check-in with each other and tell the group what you will be working on, either verbally or in chat.

2:15 – Get started on your task or project. If you need silence to focus, you can turn off your computer speakers. I will put a 25 minute timer on the screen.

2:40 – Group check-in. If you want to check in and report your progress or ask the group for advice, we will have a five minute check-in. If you are “in the zone” and want to just keep working, you can skip this.

2:45 – Another 25 minutes of work on our tasks or projects.

3:10 – Group check-in. If you are done with your work, you can offer someone else help. If no one needs help, you can socialize with others. I will set up breakout rooms as needed for group work and socializing.

3:15 – Last 25 minutes of work.

3:40 – Group debrief. Did you complete what you set out to accomplish? Did you make progress? Did you have fun? Etc.

4:00 End time