Safety Program

AAoM’s Safety Program acts as a branch of the MiNavigator Program. This program was developed to address the significant needs that are associated with behaviors that can affect one’s safety, and the skills needed to navigate a person’s environment successfully. Some of these needs can look like:

  • Elopement (wandering or bolting)
  • Property destruction
  • Engaging appropriately with authority figures 
  • Independent living 

The Safety Program is intended to provide a more complete approach to addressing these needs. On a larger scale, we aim to provide community wide training opportunities to bring further awareness and acceptance to those we serve and in adapting our approaches in times of need. On the individualized side, we utilize our skilled Navigators to connect directly with families to understand their specific needs, and identify applicable resources.

If you’re interested in connecting with the Safety Program for further support, please review and complete the Intake Questionnaire below.

Our team will begin reviewing your needs and connect with you via the provided contact information to begin identifying potential options.