Behavior-School Age

During the transition to school years, behaviors in your child can change and evolve. Starting new routines, and having interactions with new teachers and peers can be challenging for children with Autism. In addition, the influence of peers increases greatly for all children entering school, and can provide new opportunities for learning social skills, as well as new challenges in navigating friendships.

Maintain an open dialogue with your child’s teachers and service providers, letting them know you are concerned about peer interactions, and would appreciate feedback and guidance. Social workers, Speech Language Pathologists, Psychologists, and Behavioral Therapists can be helpful in anticipating new social demands, and working on any skills that may be challenging for your child.

If you see troubling behavior, seek help early on from a qualified school or medical professional. You can search for Autism Therapies or Medical Providers at the MiNavigator Neighborhood Directory:

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