Autism Services in Michigan Survey

Attention caregivers: Your participation in a brief survey could lead to the improvement of the availability and type of behavioral services offered to families who have a loved one diagnosed with autism. Specifically, we need your help with understanding how often, and for how long, children diagnosed with autism are placed on a waitlist prior to receiving behavioral services in the state of Michigan.

Researchers from Eastern Michigan University are collaborating with the Autism Alliance of Michigan to recruit caregivers who are interested in sharing details of their recent experience pursuing behavioral services for their child. Participation is voluntary, lasts approximately 15–30 minutes, and responses are completely anonymous.

Your responses will be used to (a) support the need for expanding behavioral services throughout the state of Michigan and (b) inform the type of services offered (such as trainings and other resources) that will address the needs of both the child and caregiver while they await behavioral services.

If this sounds like something you and your family experienced and you are passionate about sharing this experience to aid in our efforts to better understand your needs, please complete the survey at the following link:

EMU’s Behavior Analysis Research Lab and the Autism Alliance of Michigan thank you in advance for taking time to share your experience with us so that we may improve the availability and type of behavioral services in Michigan.

See the accompanying flyer for additional information and please feel free to pass it on to other eligible caregivers who may also be interested in sharing their experience.

For more information about the study’s purposes and procedures, please feel free to contact Adam Briggs, Ph.D., BCBA-D, LBA (Primary Investigator) via email at

Study approved by the Eastern Michigan University Human Subjects Review Committee

UHSRC Project ID: UHSRC-FY20-21-69 | Study Approval Date: 11/05/2020