Autism Safety Training

One of the primary initiatives for the Autism Alliance of Michigan is to conduct statewide autism safety training throughout Michigan. In February 2012, over 400 law enforcement, fire/rescue/EMS, educators, community members, and families were trained across Michigan. A simultaneous on-site and interactive web-based conference was held—and it was extremely successful. This need is so vital to families and central to educating the general population about autism, recognizing and communicating with individuals with autism, and diffusing potentially dangerous situations. This is information that will be beneficial for resolving many situations individuals with autism may inadvertently fall into.

AAoM has contracted with Sgt. Scott Schuelke, a retired police sergeant from the Lansing, MI Police Department and autism safety specialist to facilitate this project. Scott is traveling throughout Michigan educating families, law enforcement, fire/rescue/EMS, educators, medical personnel, security groups, and community members about autism safety. Starting this process over a year ago with Mid-Michigan Autism Association and utilizing many resources including concepts from Mr. Dennis Debbaudt’s Autism Risk & Safety Management program, the curriculum is an approved MCOLES (law enforcement credit-approved) course. AAoM is an approved MCOLES administrator and can take this training anywhere in Michigan where law enforcement officers can receive credit. To date, over 3,000 law enforcement officials throughout Michigan have been trained by Scott. Typically a parent/member of the Autism Alliance of Michigan (Stacie Rulison) or Lisa Grost (Mid-Michigan Autism Association board member) accompany Scott. This provides both a professional and parental perspective during the training—and has been very positively received.

If you or your group is interested in a training, contact either
Sgt. Scott Schuelke or Stacie Rulison at the following:

Phone: 517-927-2298