Safety Resources

Safety Resources

  Autism Society: provides preparedness tips for interacting with first responders and links to pamphlets for law enforcement, first responders, safety in the home, and the Safe & Sound Task Force.




AWAARE Collaboration (with Autism Speaks) formed in the summer of 2010 and in collaboration with Autism Speaks, this organization consists of 6 groups working together to increase awareness about autism-related accidents and deaths and provide a host of information and resources regarding first responder and autism safety.  The Family Wandering Emergency Plan (FWEP) form designed by AWAARE and used to share with family, friends, and law enforcement is at:  AWAARE FWEP Form




Autism Speaks Autism Safety Project: Provides first responders with information to interact with individuals with autism in emergency situations.




Autism Risk & Safety Management   Dennis Debaudtt’s home website; a former police officer and parent of a child with autism, Dennis is considered an expert across the country in educating law enforcement officials about Autism.  Dennis gives presentations, offers videos and books, and provides training to families and first responders.



  Project Lifesaver: families enroll their loved one with a disability in this program and they wear a small transmitter around their ankle or wrist; if a loved one is missing  the family reports it to the Project Lifesaver agency and a trained emergency team responds in the wanderer’s area; most are found are within miles from their homes and recover time for Project Lifesaver clients has been an average of 30 minutes–95% less time than it typically takes to locate an individual.