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Recreational Therapies

This category captures all programs and services that serve a recreational functional. These programs may not necessarily have the evidence-base research to support effectiveness, but lead to improved quality of life for individuals with ASD and their families.

Who is qualified to provide recreational therapies?

A number of different individuals or organizations can offer recreational programs. For example, high school or college students are often employed to assist with summer camps or after school programs for individuals with ASD. Typically, you should look for an educational specialist or teacher, a social worker, psychologist, or another certified or licensed individual who develops and directs the program. This person is responsible for designing the activities and assuring procedural safeguards are in place, especially for higher risk recreational activities, such as swimming and therapeutic (horse) riding. Importantly, make sure the instructor is qualified to work with individuals with ASD.

What do recreational therapies look like?

These can include specialized camps or after school programs (theatre, sports), therapeutic riding, social outings, etc.


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