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Cognitive Therapies

This category includes programs to improve cognitive areas of function, such as memory, attention, processing, etc. The goal of these programs is to improve brain functioning across many, varied cognitive processes.

Who is qualified to provide cognitive therapies?

There are no clear guidelines for who is qualified to provide these types of therapies, with exception of Cog-Med, which requires a licensed psychologist or medical doctor in addition to the Cog-Med training. For many cognitive therapies, programs require that the therapist complete a training program in order to become a provider of that service. You should always look for licensed and/or certified professionals and for specific programs, documentation that the provider has completed all of the training.

What does a typical cognitive therapy session look like? Many of the cognitive therapies are computer based, and require the user to work through a specific software program. For example:

Cog-Med Therapy: An evidence-based computer training program designed to train both visuo-spacial and verbal working memory. May be appropriate for some, higher functioning individuals with attention and memory deficits.