Children’s Foundation

The Children’s Foundation, an independent community foundation for children, is the largest funder dedicated solely to advancing the health and wellness of children in the state of Michigan and beyond. Through fundraising, grant-making and advocacy The Children’s Foundation enables researchers and community organizations to identify and implement innovations capable of advancing children’s health and wellness. Since 2011, the Foundation has distributed more than 65 million dollars in grant funding to more than 120 partners throughout the state. Current initiatives of The Children’s Foundation include Children’s Hospital of Michigan Foundation, The Jamie Daniels Foundation , First Tee – Greater Detroit and the Paul W. Smith Charities. Current areas of focus for the Foundation include mental health, nutritional wellness, abuse and neglect, oncology and cardiology research and injury prevention. Learn more at

Gries Financial Partners

Gries Financial Partners (GFP) provides expertise in the area of special needs financial planning and related estate planning for individuals and their families. GFP acts as a comprehensive guide to navigate the often times complex tools and services available for persons with physical and intellectual disabilities, while protecting assets and eligibility for means tested government benefits like Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Medicaid.  In addition to working directly with families, GFP is committed to providing information on special needs financial planning as a community benefit.

MetroEHS Pediatric Therapy

MetroEHS Pediatric Therapy provides integrated pediatric therapy services for clients primarily in Southeast Michigan and celebrates a 20-year storied history of improving the lives of kids through pediatric therapy. We provide speech therapy, OT, PT, ABA, Mental Health Services, Feeding Therapy and more. Our mission is unwavering. “We Reveal the SUPER in Every Child” and transform children’s lives in truly amazing ways. 

Blue Lakes Behavioral Health

BLBH was formed in Grand Blanc, MI in 2018. Since then, we have become the premier agency serving children with Autism in the Flint and Saginaw areas. Our leadership and management teams have grown the agency organically with a grass roots approach that promotes effective outcomes for our consumers and an appropriate work-life balance for our employees; thereby improving the quality of life for not only our consumers and their communities, but also our employees. We have done this by providing an equitable service delivery model across clients, families, and their communities. BLBH provides most effective Applied Behavior Analytic (ABA) service support available to our clients and families we serve. Along with Speech and Occupational Therapy, these services are provided in a welcoming, supportive fashion that will inspire long-term improvement, and achievement of the varied life goals envisioned by the people in our care along with those in our community. BLBH community engagement entails openly providing education, social planning, and activity assistance to community members in the subject of Applied Behavior Analysis and Autism Spectrum Disorder. Programs that further community outreach and engagement between families, community members and government officials will be developed in collaboration with community members with the overall objective of sustainable long-term development. BLBH community outreach will allow community members to engage in ways that allow them to pick and act on the activities that they believe would be most beneficial to themselves, their families, and their communities. Additionally, these relationships will allow BLBH to garner public support, communication, and a willingness to learn and respond to critical community issues relating to consumers with ASD. BLBH works to ensure successful step down and transition from comprehensive behavioral programs. This program focuses on generalization and maintenance of previously learned skills. Our Transitional Program is a combination of classroom group learning, in-home services, and community-based services.

Building Bridges Therapy Center

A multidisciplinary pediatric provider where each discipline brings their expertise to the conversation, to best address the needs of your child and family. Building Bridges provides a comprehensive range of therapies, assessments, and specialty programs to help children and families impacted by: 

• Delays in development (language, physical, social) 
• A need for Physical, Occupational, Speech-Language, ABA,
  or Music Therapies
• Autism Spectrum Disorder 
• Sensory Processing Issues 
• Behavior Issues 
• Anxiety/Depression/Emotional Issues 

Great Lakes Center for Autism Treatment and Research

Great Lakes Center for Autism Treatment and Research (GLC), a program of Residential Opportunities, Inc. is a
non-profit organization serving individuals diagnosed with autism. GLC offers outpatient ABA services in southwest MI and intensive residential treatment services that include a
step-down program for youth across the state of Michigan.
The residential programs are Michigan-licensed child-caring institutions serving youth ages 7-17 with a diagnosis of autism and other developmental disabilities who engage in dangerous behaviors such as self-injury, property destruction, and series aggression toward those around them. Placements are primarily funded by two entities:  Medicaid through the Community Mental Health (CMH) agency of the county
where the child resides and the Department of Human Services (DHS) through the foster care system. Families should contact their CMH agency to learn about placing
their child at the Great Lakes Center. Families,
CMH agencies, and DHS offices can contact GLC
directly to receive guidance on how to receive services.

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