About Insurance

  • Autism Insurance Coverage went into effect October 15, 2012
  • Over 1,600 individuals have attended workshops facilitated by AAOM pertaining to autism insurance coverage in Michigan
  • Provider meetings have been held in May and July to update Michigan providers on requirements by insurers, setting up a billing structure, credentialing of qualified therapists, and more. October meeting is currently being planned
  • Several meetings have taken place with insurers and employers by AAOM leadership to assist in a more successful transition and to maximize coverage for Michigan families
  • Webinars and on-site trainings are currently underway for communicating to families the information in the legislation, and how that effects them, action to take now, and how diagnosis and treatments are covered
  • Communication is ongoing and requirements are changing on a regular basis, so all stakeholders are urged to review the Autism Insurance Portal on a regular basis
  • REMINDER to families: if employer is a federally regulated company (self-funded)–AAOM can work with your employer on self-adopting the coverage. Employers will be reimbursed for self-adopting and claims made for qualified autism diagnosis and treatment!

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