Adult Services

There is an estimated 50,000 children and adults who suffer from Autism in Michigan.  The Autism Alliance of Michigan is making a committed effort through its Adult Services Navigator to improve the lives and future of young adults with autism.  This means actively participating in subcommittees of the Michigan Autism Council and partnering with organizations across the state in developing a state-wide model for the Adult Service System in Michigan.


There is extensive work to do in this area.  Employment is a major concern for many young adults with Autism.  Many times they have not been adequately trained and prepared in middle and high school to utilize and expand existing skillsets and interests the individual might have.  Leveraging what the individual is already interested in and may have existing skillsets in may lead to an employment area that could sustain them in the future.


Every individual has the right to employment at a standard wage, and to do something they enjoy doing and feel good about.  However, often individuals with autism have limited skills in obtaining and keeping jobs, varying success in their college experiences, and challenges with possessing the overall skills needed in employment settings.


This will be a major focus for AAOM.  Improving opportunities for customized employment is a vital concern, and will be a key initiative for the organization in 2013 and beyond.






Below is a graphic depiction of Adult Service Areas that will be addressed.








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